Central Minnesota Radon llc


My name is Charley Speed, owner and operator of Central Minnesota Radon l.l.c.  Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself, Central Minnesota Radon, and our mission.

I am a central Minnesota native who was born and raised in Wadena.  I attended North Dakota State University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.  While studying at North Dakota State University a new passion entered my life, "Alaska."  On summer breaks I began making the exciting journey north to Baranof Wilderness Lodge.  It is a little fishing lodge located on the ocean in a remote part of southeast Alaska.  Miles from civilization I was a fishing guide where I filled my passion with true wilderness, wildlife, tranquility, and of course, fishing.  As the seasons went by my passion for guiding newcomers and friends grew with each year.  I enjoyed their stories, camaraderie, and mostly that sparkle in their eye when they were living care free in the moment spending time with family and friends.  With the extraordinary scenic and wild nature among us, they would always tell me they enjoyed some of their most memorable moments in life with us.  So fortunate I am for it to reinforce my passion to help people.

In 2011 my wife and I set our roots in Alexandria.  I began helping a friend installing radon mitigation systems.  Immediately, I found the passion in the service.  I enjoyed talking to the homeowners and listening to their stories, and providing them with a service they found so much comfort in and I received so much gratitude.  My love for our great state of Minnesota has always remained as I have always called it home.  Along with my wonderful wife, we love to watch our family grow and become an integral part of the communities.  I have a strong passion for helping people and what better way than to make their homes safer, where they expect it to be in the communities where we live.

We would love to be able to help you with anything that involves radon.  


Charley Speed