We offer many varieties of testing devices for residential and commercial buildings. 

Including, 48 hour short term tests with a top of the line continuous radon monitor.  Testing with the monitor allows for rapid results.  It also delivers an hourly breakdown of radon concentration for greater analysis.  We use these often in real estate transactions.

After completing a radon test, standard EPA/MDH protocols are put into place to help the consumer deviate what action to take with their results.  We can help you navigate these protocols for your situation.  Be advised that radon and radon decay product measurements can fluctuate greatly in a very short period of time.


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Over 95% of the radon work we provide is a direct referral

We can help you decipher the language, MN Dept. of Health recommendations, codes and protocols to get you the facts.   We are available to help you interpret your test results.  If mitigation is needed, we will come to your home for consultation and derive an approach to mitigate the radon and its decay products.  With the right approach it can be an easy fix and a valuable asset to your building.  All consultation is free.  We are here to help our communities.

Charley Speed conducted a radon test and subsequently installed a radon mitigation system in our home.  He did an excellent job.  We greatly appreciated his professionalism.  Charley was very thorough throughout the process.  He was very helpful and knowledgeable in suggesting the most practical and aesthetically pleasing location for the system to be installed.  Throughout the install he kept the area very clean and there was no follow up cleaning required.  The system works great!  The fan is very quiet and we were amazed at the substantial drop in radon levels.  We would highly recommend Central Minnesota Radon to our family, friends, and clients.  Charley is very professional, trustworthy, and helpful.  We greatly appreciate the work he did for our home and family.  It's a great piece of mind to know that we are raising our two children in a much healthier environment.
       -Home Owner/Realtor Justin and Stephanie Habel

We offer residential and commercial radon mitigation.

Although many buildings and homes look similar from the outside, slight dissimilations on the inside can greatly affect how to mitigate a building properly.  We have the experience to approach each structure and develop a design that is the most effective, economical, and eye appealing to our clients.  Once our system passes the initial short term test, we will issue our warranty and a follow up of a long term radon test to ensure the system is communicating with the building the entire year.  All Radon Mitigation Standards put in place by the EPA/MDH are followed.